Shaping digital sustainability

How to reduce the environmental impact generated by online businesses

Following the survey produced by IAB Europe “State of Readiness – Sustainability in Digital Advertising“, which analysed how our industry is facing sustainability and what measures are adopted by individual companies, IAB Italia has decided to organise a webinar to present the state of the art of sustainability in the digital advertising industry in Italy.

Together with IAB EuropePubMatic and Teads, we will talk about how companies in our country are moving on the issue of sustainability, analysing tools and methods adopted through case histories and best practices.


• 11:00 | IAB Europe’s approach to sustainability in digital advertising
Andrew Hayward-Wright, Programmatic & Sustainability Advisor IAB Europe / Group Commercial Director SeenThis UK

11:15 | Is decarbonising digital advertising possible or just a pipedream?
Amélie Grenier-Bolay, Director, Advertiser Solutions, Southern Europe and MENA PubMatic

• 11:30 | Is ‘efficiency’ media’s answer to sustainability?
How new measurement models are unlocking greater media effectiveness, which can drive better outcomes for your business and the environment.
Antonella La Carpia, VP Global Marketing Teads

Shaping digital sustainability

Dal 1 Marzo 2023 al 1 Marzo 2023


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